Libra Love Horoscope

Personality Traits of Libra
The fact that the sign of Libra is most often represented by a figure holding a two-sided weighted scale is no accident. This is because Libras are renowned for their sensible and pragmatic natures. They possess the unique ability to be able to objectively view both sides of an issue or a dispute without bias. The downside is that their extreme objectivity and desire to weigh and analyze every minute detail can also result in them sometimes having difficulties making decisions. For this reason they are also known being indecisive especially when it comes to their own personal matters.

Libras are known for being excellent communicators. Socially outgoing and often stylish in their dress and demeanor, most Libras have very refined tastes and a natural affinity for the Arts, politics or other intellectual pursuits. Libras are also highly organized and have a great aesthetic eye for detail. They will always seek to surround themselves with elegance, harmony and beauty in their personal lives.

In keeping with their pragmatic personalities, there are few things a Libra dislikes more than pushy people or a messy or a chaotic environment. Whenever a Libra encounters such a situation, they will either attempt to avoid it or actively intervene in an attempt to create order, neatness or agreement. Don't ever expect a Libra to be discourteous or forceful though because they always prefer to take a diplomatic approach in such matters.

Love Traits of Libra

Libras are known for being excellent and patient communicators.

Libras generally have few problems attracting admirers. They are charming by nature and often win the hearts of others easily.

Every Libra strives to find a soul mate and to be in a committed, long-term, relationship.

Libras can be notoriously picky. Sometimes they will even let a potential love interest slip away because they have such difficulty making up their minds.

Once they know where they stand, Libras are very expressive about their feelings.

Libras are romantic, loving and are very easy to get along with.

Libras can't stand fighting. They will often acquiesce to the demands of others in order to avoid an argument. However, they are not pushovers. They will leave if pressed too hard.

Libras have excellent communication skills. They make great parents.

Libras love pleasure and beauty in their romantic lives. They can even be overindulgent at times.

Best Libra Love Matches: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

Libra and Gemini Love Compatibility
Libra and Gemini are a natural match because both signs are socially outgoing, intellectually curious, and share a mutual appreciation for truly enjoying the finer things life has to offer. Together they will really find pleasure in exploring new ideas, attending cultural events, and even entertaining friends at home.

The one area for potential conflict though may arise from Gemini's free-spirited nature. Libras tend to be much serious about relationships especially when it comes to establishing the fundamental ground rules and making long term commitments. If their Gemini partner does not take their intentions as seriously then they may get discouraged or frustrated.

Libra and Aquarius Love Compatibility
Libra and Aquarius air both Air signs who are socially outgoing and share a mutual passion for exploring new ideas. A Libra will be especially attracted to Aquarius' creativity and unconventional ways of thinking. Aquarius, in turn, will really value Libra's unique ability to understand and appreciate their unique perspectives.

In love, both signs are exceptionally kindhearted and caring. Although an Aquarius may place a high value on preserving their personal freedom, a Libra's sensible nature should still provide them with the latitude that they require from a romantic partner.

Libra and Libra Love Compatibility
For all intents and purposes two Libras make a perfect match for a myriad of reasons. They are sensible, intellectually curious, are highly sociable, have shared common interests, and look for the exact same traits from their prospective partners.

The one potential pitfall is their indecisiveness. When two Libras are paired together there is a risk that their highly analytical natures will cause what should ordinarily be a happy and healthy relationship to become mired down by hesitancy and excessive introspection. To avoid this, a leap of faith may be required.


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